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June 2014 renewable statistics

June 2014 marks both the first June with the new summer-optimized solar panels in place, leading to record solar production, and the first month since we built the house that I've simply kept the air conditioning running 24/7, leading to a very high energy demand for the month (which was, of course, the rationale behind the additional summer-optimized panels in the first place.)  Between pregnancy and my allergies, it was worth it for the improved comfort, despite the energy cost.  Like May, this was prior to Howard optimizing the battery charging parameters, however, so I'm hopeful that we'll see generator time drop even when running 24/7 ac.  It's also probably worth noting that the 72 hours is still 22 fewer than we had in 2013 when I ran the ac 'most of the month,' though I don't recall now whether that was 24 hours per day or if it was while I was still trying to turn it off at night.

Note that the wind is characteristically summer-low, and therefore providing very little power in comparison to the solar.

June 2014 Solar Statistics:
Peak daily production: 40.96 kWh (1.37 lower than May)

Lowest daily production: 7.27 ( 0.65 lower than May)
Days of 35+ kWh production: 8 (1 fewer than May)
Total monthly production:  950 kWh (104 higher than April, and definitely our new record production)
Average daily production:  31.67 kWh/day (4.38 kWh/day higher than April, and again, a new record)
Generator hours:  72 (54 more than May)

June 2014 wind statistics:
Total generated: 77.93 kWh (69.81 kWh lower than May,  and a miniscule 8.2% of solar production)
Windspeed: 7.1 average, 49.7 max
Power: 112 average, 3049 max

Previous June statistics for comparison:

June 2013 Solar:
Peak daily production: 35.14 kWh!  (Obviously a new record, by a mile -- but this is, of course, with the newly added panels, and it's a record that only lasted a few days, since it's already been surpassed in July before I've posted this.) (14.59 kWh higher than May)
Peak instantaneous production: I stopped recording this category this month with the installation of the new panels, since it doesn't seem very useful compared to the other stats and I need the journal space for recording the triplicate controllers now.  Peak before I stopped recording it, however, was 3259 watts, 395 watts lower than May.
Lowest daily production: (excluding days the panels were not operational) 8.37 kWh (4.84 kWh higher than May)
Days of 20+ kWh production: 4, specifically the 4 days after the new panels became operational!
Total monthly production: 433 kWh (6 kWh lower than May -- but keep in mind that that includes 3 days of no power generation at all)
Average daily production: overall 16.04 kWh/day (1.44 kWh higher than May, after adjusting for 27 days of generating instead of 30).   Post-new-panel installation: 26.56 kWh/day.
Generator hours: 94, largely attributable to running the AC without the new panels installed for most of the month.  (76 more than May)

June 2013 wind statistics:
Total generated: 56.22 kWh; 13% of solar production
Windspeed: 5.8 average, 21.5 max
Power: 64 average, 2974 max

June 2012 solar statistics:

Peak daily production: 18.98 kWh (1.23 kWh lower than May)
Peak instantaneous production: 3415 watts (8 watts lower than May)
Lowest daily production: 5.08 (2.15 kWh higher than May)
Days of 20+ kWh production: 0 (May had 1)
Total monthly production: 478 kWh (16 higher than May)
Average daily production: 15.93 kWh (1.03 higher than May)
Generator hours: 0, go figure!

June 2012 wind statistics:
Total generated: 50.73 kWh (9.54 kWh less than May; only 11% of solar production)
Windspeed, in mph: 5.8 avg, 48.8 max
Power generated: 74 watts avg, 2591 max

June 2011, for comparison:

Peak daily production: 18.58 kWh (21.28 kWh (2.7 kWh lower than May)
Peak instantaneous production: 3606 watts (191 watts higher than May)
Lowest daily production: 4.93 kWh (2.65 kWh higher than May)
Days of 20+ kWh production: 0 (1 less than May, and I'm thinking this is going to be typical for June, due to summer haze)
Total monthly production: 412  (21 more than May)
Average daily production: 13.73 kWh (1.12 higher than May)

Generator hours: 30, but I estimate that approximately 2/3 of those were due to the generator testing we did during the first half of June, much of it without the generator actually charging the batteries.  I'd estimate about 10 kWh of actual necessary battery charging -- which is still disappointing, since I had hoped for renewable parity this month, and we might have made it had we had as much solar production as we did last year.  We would have made it had I not turned on the AC for a few days, but it was *so* hot and muggy at that point that it was worth it.  (AC is off again, now; today, like most of the last month was, is quite temperate, with a mid-afternoon high of only about 80.)

93.61 kWh generated (16.9 kWh less than May).  22.7% of solar output.  This is our lowest month yet except for last September, when it was
installed, which I estimate would have had approximately 90 kWh of production had the turbine been up for the entire month.  I'm thinking June-September are going to be typical low-wind months, with production under 100 kWh.  By way of comparison, May was 110, October 143, November through January around 200, February and March around 300, and April nearly 400.
Average production: 3.12 kWh/day (.44 kWh less than May)
Average windspeed: not recorded; anemometer still broken (though Howard has it in hand to fix now)
Maximum windspeed: ditto
Average power production: 137 watts (23 watts lower than May)
Maximum power production: 3043 watts (234 watts lower than May)

June 2010, for comparison:
Peak daily production: only 17.94 kWh (3.35 kWh lower than May)
Peak instantaneous production: 3468 (up 62 watts from April's max)
Lowest daily production: 9.08 kWh. (8.56 kWh higher than April's lowest dp, and our best-ever lowest by far: 7.84 kWh more than April! We've never had a month before with a complete lack of any truly low-low days.)
Days of single digit production: 1. (Yep, the 9.08 previously mentioned. That beats our previous best, August 2009, by 4 days!)
Days of 20+ kWh production: 0. (Ah, well, can't win them all. Typical for November through January, but I hadn't expected it for June. I'm thinking it's maybe due to summer haze, since upon review August and September 2009 were similar.)
Total monthly production: 435 kWh, very similar to May
Average daily production: 14.5 kWh (.31 higher than May; even though June kWh were slightly less than May's, it had one less day to divvy up the total between)
Total generator hours: estimated 14
Estimated renewable shortfall: 84 kWh, 2.8 kWh/day
Average daily usage: 17.3 kWh/day (.4 kWh higher than May, but still not bad!)



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